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ECFAGMPosterOption4a (2014-01-30)European Cyclists’ Federation AGM & Events – April 2014ManfredNeunPoster_006

Dublin Cycling Campaign and Cyclist.ie are working hard on preparations for hosting the 2014 AGM of the European Cyclists’ Federation; see also ECF 2014

European Parliament votes for safer HGV/lorry cabs

London Cyclists - Fifth Death In Nine DaysMembers of the European Parliament have voted today in the plenary to support the manufacture of safer lorry cabs under amendments made to Directive 96/53 on the maximum Weights and Dimensions of lorries.

The legislation will allow extra length to be used in the manufacture of lorry cabs as long as they conform to aerodynamic and safer specifications, with a view to this becoming mandatory for all new cabs. (more…)

Greater Dublin Area Cycle Network Plan

Comprehensive Cycle Network Plan published – to increase region’s cycle network 5-fold in length, to 2,840 kilometres (Údarás Náisiúnta Iompair, National Transport Authority)

Ambition for cycle network in 2021 to carry as many commuters as now take the bus – a three-fold increase

The National Transport Authority has today (April, 10) published its Greater Dublin Area Cycle Network Plan, which sets out a ten year strategy for Counties Dublin, Kildare, Meath and Wicklow. The draft proposals were subject to a Public Consultation last September and October, which was advertised in the national media, and which resulted in 123 submissions from stakeholders and the general public. (more…)

Local & European Elections

Commuters heading to work, London, Britain - 5 Feb 2014Cyclist.ie has contacted many Local Election 2014 candidates (party candidates as we don’t have email contacts for the 341 non-party ones) to invite them to take a survey questionnaire about cycling promotion and what role they will play in their areas, if elected, to achieve the NCPF (2009) goal of 10% of daily trips to be made by bike by 2020. (more…)

Local Elections

With the local elections looming (23 May) and candidate selection almost complete, Cyclist.ie sent out today its on-line survey questionnaire to all the party HQs and Directors of Elections seeking their cooperation in getting the link to each candidate and asking them to take the trouble to complete the survey. (more…)

Call on Government to support Cycle To School initiative

Welcoming the pledge by An Taoiseach Enda Kenny to extend the successful ‘Cycle to Work’ scheme, Michael Dawson, founder of One4all called on the Government to extend the initiative to a ‘Cycle To School’ campaign and keep Ireland moving.

Speaking today at the Dublin Business School/Lidl Annual Retail Conference, Mr. Dawson said:

“We know that since the introduction of the Cycle To Work Scheme countless jobs have been created as thousands more people have invested in new bicycles. There is now a real opportunity for Ireland to set the benchmark in youth cycling by extending the initiative to schools.  Such a move would support the health of our children and the wallets of parents while also boosting employment in the retail sector.”  (more…)

Sligo-Mayo greenway development in County Plan


  • Use of Sligo-Mayo abandoned rail-bed for a walking/cycling greenway
  • Council sought submissions from the public regarding the Draft Development Plan for the county
  • This current / second submission follows on from the Manager’s report to Councillors (more…)

State exams have “strong negative impact” on participation in sport

imageState examinations have a “strong negative impact” on the participation of children in sport, which in turn has “a lasting effect” on the likelihood of participation in later life.

Keeping Them in the Game: Taking Up and Dropping Out of Sport and Exercise in Ireland points out that the health issue most commonly associated with sport is obesity – and childhood obesity “reduces employment prospects and the likelihood of partnership as an adult”. Read article

Electric bikes take China by storm

The car is now king in China. The country’s rapid road to industrialisation has meant a large proportion of its citizens have traded in their bikes for four wheels.

This may have helped build a new modern economy, but it also has its downside: chronic congestion.

But now a bikes are returning to China’s gridlocked streets, only this time they are electric.

Adam Shaw visits the country where an estimated 120 million electric bikes are already in use, providing a greener alternative to the country’s four wheeled obsession.

Watch the BBC video

Plans for Dublin

imageCar lanes to be given to walkers and cyclists on Dublin’s quays

A plan to reduce traffic lanes and remove parking spaces from the Liffey quays, and to create a new pedestrian and cycling boulevard, will be presented to Dublin City Council next week. Read article


Council to consider making limit “default urban speed limit” for residential and shopping districts

image (1)


The reduction in the speed limit from 50km/h to 30km/h in Dublin city centre almost eight years ago has failed to reduce traffic speeds, Dublin City Council has concluded. Read article

A lot done, but more to do …