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More than 1000 streets in Manchester to become 20mph zones from Monday

JS34471820A third of Manchester’s roads are set to become twenty mile an hour zones – from Monday.

Over 1,100 streets, covering 111 miles will be included in the scheme, aimed at making streets safer.

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Work cycling levels hit plateau, Census reveals (UK)

The number of people cycling to work has remained static over the past decade, new census data has revealed, writes Patrick McDonnell. Figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that 741,000 working residents aged 16 to 74 cycled to work in England and Wales in 2011 compared with 651,000 in 2001. This represents a 90,000 rise over the period, but as a proportion of working residents was unchanged at 2.8%. (more…)

Message sent to Road Safety Authority

Message sent on Wednesday 6 August to Road Safety Authority by Cyclist.ie – The Irish Cycling Advocacy Network in response to RSA press release issued Friday 1 August regarding rise in vulnerable road user fatalities

Michael Rowland (Director of Research)
Brian Farrell (Director for Communications)

Dear Michael and Brian

As a leader of a group of vulnerable road users, who are at all times in traffic (unlike pedestrians, and who generally choose when, where and how they cross our roads) could I plead with the RSA to alter its ‘blame-the victim’ approach to getting its message across. While I commend you for the generally better content and tone of the latest press release issue last Friday the RSA could do more to place the main responsibility on motorised drivers, particularly those who drive large vehicles – buses, coaches, HGVs, SUVs/4x4s.

Let’s be blunt about the fact: it’s the one tonne plus metal projectile with its driver that is the killer and maimer. We know from the international research literature that in the case of cyclists the majority of RTCs take place at junctions. The causal factor is driver miscalculation/error in approx. 90% of those analysed in Europe. (more…)

Jersey’s compulsory cycle helmet law: based on emotion, not evidence?

a little boy on a bicycle, going to school, wearing a safety helmet and protective padsThe Channel Island’s politicians insist compulsory bike helmet use for under 14s will improve public health. But the evidence does not seem to be on their side … read article

Transport for London (TfL) reveals London cycle safety plan

_75509327_75502185Transport for London plans to cut the number of lorries during peak hours and to test equipment on buses to help drivers spot cyclists and pedestrians.

TfL is aiming to cut by 40% the number of people killed or seriously injured on roads by 2020.

Last year 132 people, included 65 pedestrians and 14 cyclists, were killed on London roads. Read article

Nantes – Velo-City 2015, 2 – 5 June

After Seville in 2011 and Vienna in 2013, Nantes Métropole has been chosen by ECF to host the 2015 Velo-City conference at La Cité, Nantes Events Center. Nantes was selected for its investment in terms of cycling policy. Nantes will seek to meet four key objectives:

  • Create a replicable model dedicated to regional cities
  • Build on the strengths and weaknesses of the Nantes experience and other French cities
  • Reach out to the world
  • Create a future inspired by cycling

More information: Velo-City 2015 website and Conference Information

Irish Bike Importers / Industry Supporting Cyclist.ie

EuroCycles logoCyclist.ie – the Irish Cycling Advocacy Network, wishes to acknowledge the generous support of cycling business / importer Eurocycles

Cyclist.ie’s work is succeeding in changing transport policy and practice so that the bicycle sits centre-stage in the thinking of transport planners and traffic managers. See Report to ECF for more information on our work. But we have much more to do!  We look forward to collaborating with more players in the Irish cycle industry over the coming months and years.

Vehicular riding or Segregation?

A view from the US

  1. Promote Vehicular Cycling. Really?
  2. Who Wants Vehicular Cycling?
  3. Vehicular Cycling: If It Worked, It Wouldn’t Work

The road less travelled: one family ditches the car

imageAfter our 1996 Toyota went kaput, we decided to go without. Commuting, ferrying kids, shopping and holidaying abroad? It’s all possible with a little ingenuity. Read article

ECF Delegate Conference and Local Authority Seminar – Presentations

The following are the presentations from the recent ECF Delegate Conference and Local Authority Seminar hosted by the Dublin Cycling Campaign

Other presentations