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Relevant to Dublin only or mostly

Minister Brian Hayes takes a ride

Colm Ryder of the Dublin Cycling Campaign gives Minister Brian Hayes a ride in the DCC cargo bike at St Stephen’s Green; Minister Hayes will welcome delegates on behalf of the Government at the European Cyclists’ Federation AGM being held in Dublin. In the context of the latest IPCC report, this is a timely reminder of the need for a radical overhaul of our transport paradigm; Irish times coverage

Minister Brian Hayes takes a rideDCC cargo bike St Stephen Green

Greater Dublin Area Cycle Network Plan

Comprehensive Cycle Network Plan published – to increase region’s cycle network 5-fold in length, to 2,840 kilometres (Údarás Náisiúnta Iompair, National Transport Authority)

Ambition for cycle network in 2021 to carry as many commuters as now take the bus – a three-fold increase

The National Transport Authority has today (April, 10) published its Greater Dublin Area Cycle Network Plan, which sets out a ten year strategy for Counties Dublin, Kildare, Meath and Wicklow. The draft proposals were subject to a Public Consultation last September and October, which was advertised in the national media, and which resulted in 123 submissions from stakeholders and the general public. (more…)


ECFAGMPosterOption4a (2014-01-30)European Cyclists’ Federation AGM & Events – April 2014ManfredNeunPoster_006

Dublin Cycling Campaign and Cyclist.ie are working hard on preparations for hosting the 2014 AGM of the European Cyclists’ Federation; see also ECF 2014

Burkhard Horn – Dublin Cycling Campaign Lecture 2013

Bike week lecture on youTube

Lessons from Berlin: (more…)

Change is possible


On the road but cycle rights still have a way to go

The Dublin Cycling Campaign celebrates its 20th anniversary this year

imageDamien Ó Tuama finds it difficult to believe the Dublin Cycling Campaign has been going for almost 20 years. Back in 1993 he and a few like-minded friends set it up more as a protest than anything else. Read article

€2.6m for bike scheme to roll out extension

A funding gap of €2.6 million to extend the DublinBikes scheme from Heuston Station and Phoenix Park to The Point in Docklands is to be bridged by the National Transport Authority (NTA), it was announced yesterday. Read article


How to build a better Dublin

Ireland needs a well-functioning capital city, but suburban sprawl, poor transport and weak administration are dragging Dublin down.

A new series starting today examines ways to reinvent the capital … read article.

Here’s why cyclists need to change – as do motorists

The way we view each other with mutual suspicion is often down to cramped roads, crap cycle lanes and a lack of intersection between how motorists and cyclists use the road.

CYCLING IN DUBLIN is, at the best of times, a dangerous thing to do. As we head toward the darker, colder days of autumn and the clocks go back many road users need a few weeks to readjust.

Read article

Pedestrians and cyclists warned in road safety plan

PEDESTRIANS, CYCLISTS and bikers in the Dublin area are to be targeted by Gardaí as part of a new high-profile road safety campaign.

The “casualty reduction” plan, launched yesterday, will see “the full rigours of the law” applied to cyclists who go through red lights, cycle on footpaths or travel the wrong way on a one-way street facing increased levels of Garda enforcement.

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