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Relevance extends beyond Ireland

Local & European Elections

Commuters heading to work, London, Britain - 5 Feb 2014Cyclist.ie has contacted many Local Election 2014 candidates (party candidates as we don’t have email contacts for the 341 non-party ones) to invite them to take a survey questionnaire about cycling promotion and what role they will play in their areas, if elected, to achieve the NCPF (2009) goal of 10% of daily trips to be made by bike by 2020. (more…)


ECFAGMPosterOption4a (2014-01-30)European Cyclists’ Federation AGM & Events – April 2014ManfredNeunPoster_006

Dublin Cycling Campaign and Cyclist.ie are working hard on preparations for hosting the 2014 AGM of the European Cyclists’ Federation; see also ECF 2014

Electric bikes take China by storm

The car is now king in China. The country’s rapid road to industrialisation has meant a large proportion of its citizens have traded in their bikes for four wheels.

This may have helped build a new modern economy, but it also has its downside: chronic congestion.

But now a bikes are returning to China’s gridlocked streets, only this time they are electric.

Adam Shaw visits the country where an estimated 120 million electric bikes are already in use, providing a greener alternative to the country’s four wheeled obsession.

Watch the BBC video

The Holstee Manifesto Lifecycle Video

Screenshot from 2013-10-07 12:12:28Nice video: https://vimeo.com/34414313

Why America’s Love Affair with Cars Is No Accident

why-americas-love-affair-cars-no-accident_1The auto industry campaigned against the relatively bloody rise of cars in the early 20th century via TV, the term “jaywalker” and school safety patrols

Drivers may feel spooked by seeing the first self-driving cars appear in coming years. But the new era could prove far less disruptive and bloody than the automobile’s 20th-century battle to push pedestrians off U.S. streets.

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Bikes Vs Cars – We Are Many

Screenshot from 2013-10-02 23:10:56The bicycle, an amazing tool for change. People all over the world are moving towards a new system. Will the economic power allow it? Read article

Joachim Hochstein

Joachim Hochstein recently gave talks in Tralee and Dublin on the Frankfurt Cycling Scene: his presentation is available here


Economic benefits of cycling in the EU-27

German Chancellor Angela Merkel opened Europe’s biggest bike trade fair Eurobike last Wednesday, signaling a huge step forward for the cycling advocacy movement. At the same time ECF released its analysis of the “Economic benefits of cycling in the EU-27” making it clear that such high level interest in cycling is set to continue. Senior politicians are beginning to realize that daily cycling not only changes the face of our cities for the better, it also makes much sense in economic terms.


Cycling in Dublin and Berlin (Burkhard Horn)

11505387-STANDARDAs a student and tourist I cycled around Ireland in 1988 without a care, knowing nothing about the country. In June 2013, 25 years later, I had an unusual and unbelievably enriching experience when I came back to Ireland to talk about Berlin’s policies on cycle traffic at the National Bike Week in Dublin. Now that I am a traffic planner, specialising in cycle promotion, I see Dublin through quite different eyes. Read article & see earlier post.

There’s no ethical case for mandatory cycle helmets

CyclistHelmets do not provide sufficient protection to warrant the claim that they are highly effective – and the right to cycle bare-headed is by no means trivial

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